• Fiber glass cloth
    Post time: Oct-19-2020

    Woven from glass fiber textured yarn upon shuttle looms to produce required size. Insulation Fiberglass Cloth or Glassfibre Cloth is used as heat insulating material and an excellent substitute for asbestos cloth. It is widely applied as insulation of soft or hard tubes...Read more »

  • Aluminum Foil Laminates Thermal Insulation Material
    Post time: Oct-12-2020

    Aluminum foil laminates thermal insulation material adopts the latest international rubber-plastic modification technology and introduces the world's leading permanent aluminum foil composite technology and equipment. It is a rubber-plastic composite thermal insulation m...Read more »

  • Celebrate double festivals, good things come in pairs
    Post time: Oct-07-2020

    In this extraordinary 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival meets National Day Celebrate double festivals, good things come in pairs Take this holiday Jinan United Perfect Building Materials Co., Ltd. with all employees Wish everyone Across mountains and rivers Through the sea of people With family and friend...Read more »

  • 二.Categorization of Insulation Materials
    Post time: Sep-28-2020

    Inorganic Insulation Materials As can be seen from the figure, inorganic materials can be classified accordingly: Fibrous materials Glass wool Rock wool Cellular materials Calcium silicate Cellular glass Organic insulation materials can be classified accordingly:...Read more »

  • 一.Categorization of Insulation Materials
    Post time: Sep-21-2020

    Categorization of Insulation Materials For insulation materials, three general categories can be defined. These categories are based on the chemical composition of the base material from which the insulating material is produced. Read more »

  • Stone Wool – Rock Wool
    Post time: Sep-14-2020

    Stone wool, also known as rock wool, is based on natural minerals present in large quantities throughout the earth, e.g. volcanic rock, typically basalt or dolomite. Next to raw materials, also recycled rock wool can be added to the process as well as slag residues from ...Read more »

  • Project case–Jinan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
    Post time: Sep-07-2020

    Jinan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has strong processing and manufacturing capabilities and ranks first in East China. The company has specialized production plants for machining, steel casting, forging, steel structure, riveting and heat treatment. The company provided ther...Read more »

  • Comparison of rock wool and glass wool
    Post time: Aug-31-2020

    R-Value: The thermal resistance of insulation is measured by what’s commonly known as the R-value, and the higher the R-value, the better. Fiberglasshas an R-value of approximately 2.2 to 2.7 per inch of thickness. Mineral wool has a slightly higher R-value, ranging between 3.0 and 3.3 per inch. ...Read more »

  • Energy saving and emission reduction, bid farewell to extreme weather
    Post time: Aug-25-2020

    Recently, the southern part of this year has experienced the “largest intensity, widest range, and longest duration” rainfall process. A total of 433 rivers across the country have experienced floods above warning level. The flood control situation in the Yangtze River, ...Read more »

  • What are the properties of fiberglass
    Post time: Aug-17-2020

      Moisture resistance When exposed to moisture, fiberglass insulation neither absorbs nor holds water. If fiberglass insulation does get wet during or after installation, installers should visually inspect it on all six sides for contamination. If the material appea...Read more »

  • Rock wool performance and application
    Post time: Aug-13-2020

    The unique composition of rock wool produces a high-performing insulation with the following features: Made from natural, sustainable material Typically contains up to 75 percent recycled content Retains heat well and traps air, which slows the transfer of heat Non-comb...Read more »

  • Advantages of Rockwool Cube
    Post time: Aug-03-2020

    RETAINS WATER – Rockwool holds an incredible amount of water which gives you a buffer against power outages and pump or timer failure. HOLDS AIR – Rockwool holds at least 18 % air at all times (unless it is sitting directly in water). This supplies the root zone with ple...Read more »

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